Shopify B2B: Expand Your Business and Sell to High-Volume Customers

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Shopify B2B: Expand Your Business and Sell to High-Volume Customers

Wholesale doesn’t have to be complicated, at least not with Shopify B2B! Shopify will help you expand your business and sell to high-volume customers only!


Looking for the best ecommerce platform for your B2B business? Look no further as Shopify Plus is the right one for you.

With Shopify B2B ecommerce solution, wholesale and selling online to other businesses don’t have to be complicated or messy. Shopify will help you expand your business, and sell to high-volume customers only.

Shopify B2B is the right option for your store because of the great features it offers. Here are some of them:

  • A new channel for expansion and growth: With B2B ecommerce, the sellers need an easy way to enter the wholesale ecommerce market and offer customers a self-service and pleasant buying experience. The Shopify Plus wholesale channel makes selling to high-volume customers super easy. You can automatically generate a well-designed and mobile-responsive wholesale storefront with your branding and the best part is that no coding or development are required. You can list wholesale-specific products and you can set customer prices only your loyal and valuable customers can see.
  • Sell more and sell faster: You can allow the wholesale customers to order how they want and when they want with order management transparency and full pricing. You can enable credit card and online payments or receive orders and send an invoice and negotiated discounts for the customers who prefer a human touch.
  • Launch in a few minutes: With Shopify B2B you can automate your wholesale ecommerce. You can use your inventory, branding, and customer data to build a wholesale storefront. You can chat and discuss with experts about how to expand your business without worrying about future updates or maintenance. Shopify Plus will take care of that.

You can set maximum, minimum, and quantity increments per item, you can apply minimum purchase amounts per customer, you can sync orders, inventory, and customers automatically with your admin, integrate the systems your company depends on, and customize navigation, as well as, product discoverability.

We can conclude that Shopify wholesale ecommerce solution can indeed grow your business. You can launch in minutes from your store which will lower your time to ROI (return on investment), automate B2B purchasing with self-service and give your customers the experience they deserve, and be able to increase average order value and sell directly to resellers, retailers, and etc.

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